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Welcome to FindMyShadow.com. This site allows you to calculate the position and height of the sun anywhere in the world on any date and plot the shadow cast by the sun at different times of the day.

Why? There are many applications, from house-buying with confidence, choosing a plot for your flowerbeds or vegetable patch with the best light/shade mix, planning an extension. The tools enable you to see where your house and fencelines cast their shadows, to see what light you get in your garden. The site has also found use with photographers trying to identify the best time to visit a location for the light and shadows desired.

How? The site uses a series of astronomy calculations to find where the sun is relative to the earth's orbit, and relative to you on the earth's surface. Any time. It also alows you to see the shadows that are cast by objects you can specify in the drawing tool - for example your house.

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Key Features
Sun Position and Shadow Charts

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See the position of the sun at your location for a particular date, and the direction and length of the shadows it casts. [ more info and examples ]
Sun Position Tables

Get the numerical tables for where the sun will be at different times. Including sunrise and sunset times.
Bespoke Shadow Position Plotting

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See the shadow positions for your scene at different times of the day on a specific date. The easy design tool allows you to define your plot.
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Getting started

These easy to use tools show you the results for your specific site and location. To get started simply click one of the options below.

Sun Position Table and Chart
Step 1: Select your location
Step 2: Select your date
Step 3: Calculate table and chart
Step 4: Print report

Bespoke Shadow Plotting
Step 1: Select your location
Step 2: Select your date
Step 3: Draw your scene
Step 4: Calculate shadows
Step 5: Print report


This service is provided as is, without warranty or guarantee. Please note that you would be well advised to validate the shadows predicted against an actual example for your site.

If you have suggestions for improvement or other comments, then please mail the author, or use this response form.

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